Select values to be used in querying LibNut*.a functions:

This page allows to query a MySQL database table loaded with information about the libnut*.a libraries which come precompiled as a part of each Ethernut distribution and which are compiled during the configuration & build process.
Unformatunately, the "readelf" utility of only available for libraries produced by gcc. I did not find an equivalient for icc.

For each function, the bind flag and size id displayed in addition to then selection criteria.

Meanwhile, there is data from quite a number of Ethernut verisons and compiler version loaded into this DB
Remember, however, that not all Ethernut versions were compiled under all compiler versions!
The actual library count kept in the DB, grouped by library location, can be obtained here.

Use % sign as wildcard on all fields.

.. directory of the .a file in which the function is stored
.. filename of the .a file in which the function is stored
.. object file name (xyz.o) into which the function was compiled
.. function name (Nut..., fopen , ...)
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